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of the Student Council of the University “PERSPECTIVA-INT”

The Student Council of the University "Perspectiva-INT" is a self-governing, decision-making and representative body of the University students, whose activity is based on the provisions of this Statute.

I. General provisions

Art. 1 The Student Council is an independent and representative body of the students of the "PERSPECTIVA-INT" University.

Art. 2 The Student Council carries out its activities in cooperation with the University administration.

Art. 3 The Student Council, with the consent of the University administration, has the right to own material possessions and mass media in order to disseminate information about its objectives, activities, etc.

II. Objectives, goals and powers of the Council

Art. 4 The objectives of the Council are:

a) to protect the rights and to promote the interests of the University students;

b) to organize student activities;

c) to provide the access to information;

g) to promote dialogue between students and the administration of the University and other bodies working in the field of youth and education.

Art. 5 The goals of the Council’s activity are:

a) to  organize student activities (Student Initiation Ball, TVC, Miss Perspectiva, student parties, etc.);
b) to distribute discounted tickets and free invitations to theaters, cinemas and discos;
c) to create a mailbox for students’ complaints and suggestions;
g) to consider students’ complaints and suggestions;
d) to create an informative panel and the like.

Art. 6 The Student Council has the following powers:

a) to approve this Statute and supervise its implementation;

b) to implement various projects in order to improve the academic, sporting, social and cultural situation of the University students;

c) to provide the University administration with draft decisions aimed at enhancing the educational process, improving student situation and solution of their problems;

d) to ensure the awareness and compliance of the students with legal and legislative acts regulating university life;

e) to organize seminars, roundtable discussions, conferences and provide the student community with advisory services on the problematic aspects;

f) to compose special commissions on the protection of student rights and interests;

g) to submit for public discussion and the decisive factors the problems faced by students and give suggestions for their resolution;

h) to establish cooperative relationships with other public agencies, associations and international organizations;

i) to develop projects on economic, cultural, social and scientific development;

j) to represent the students in the internal / inter-university relations;

k) to propose amendments to this Statute;

l) to cooperate with mass-media.

III. Organizational structure of the Student Council

Art. 7 The Student Council consists of a President, a permanent office (two Vice-Presidents and the Secretary) and other members.

Art. 8 Membership of the Student Council may be acquired by any student of the University based on his/her letter of application approved by an absolute majority of the Council members.

Art. 9 Members of the Student Council have the right to:

a) freedom of opinion and of its expression;

b) elect and be elected to the governing bodies of the Student Council;

c) participate in the activities of the Student Council;

d) request any information relating to the activities of the Student Council;

e) request to convene an extraordinary meeting if necessary;

f) to refuse his/her membership.

Art. 10 Members of the Student Council are obliged to:

a) attend and actively participate in ordinary meetings of the Council;

b) inform the Student Council of the University students’ opinions;

c) exercise their prerogatives as members of the Student Council;

d) exercise their rights in good faith so as to not violate the rights of other members;

e) comply with the law, all current legislation, this Statute and the decisions of the President;

f) contribute to the positive image of the University and to promote it within and outside of the institution.

Art. 11 Considered as the disciplinary violations are:

a) failure to comply with this Statute;
b) unmotivated or poorly motivated absences from three consecutive meetings;
c) incorrect duties execution.

Art. 12 The disciplinary sanctions for non-compliance with the Statute of the Student Council are:

- Preliminary remark;

- Reproach;

- Reprimand;

- Exclusion from the Student Council.

Art. 13 Member of the Council may be relieved from his membership based on:

a) an unsolicited letter of resignation;

b) the exclusion from the University;

c) non-compliance with the provisions of art. 11;

d) systematic or serious violations of the Code of Student Conduct.

Art.14 The Student Council is led by the President of the Student Council.

Art. 15 The President of the Council is to be elected by two thirds of the members of the Council by secret ballot.

Art. 16 The President is elected for a mandate period of one semester.

Art. 17 Only the members of the Student Council can be nominated for the post of the President of the Council.

Art. 18 President of the Council is to provide reports to the date of expiry of his mandate or on the request of 1/3 of the Council members.

Art.19 A person may be elected as President for a period of no more than 4 mandates.

Art. 20 In order to confirm the results of the secret ballot, an Electoral Commission is made up of three members of the Student Council, elected by a simple majority.

Art. 21 The Electoral Commission shall elect an own President, who announces the results.

Art. 22 Meetings of the Student Council are convened at the request of one third of the members or at the request of the President.

Art. 23 Membership of the Student Council is open to all interested students of the University.

Art. 24 The Council may organize additional bodies in its structure to deal with various issues.

Art. 25 Acts of the Student Council:

In its activity, by the majority of votes of the members present, the Student Council shall make recommendations / projects concerning management of the University and solutions / provisions mandatory for all the students of the University after their approval by the University leadership.

IV. Meetings of the Council 

Art. 26 Meetings of the Council may be ordinary or extraordinary.

Art. 27 Frequency of the ordinary meetings is approved at the first meeting of the Student Council by a simple majority, but not less than once every two weeks.

Art. 28 Decisions of the Student Council are taken by simple majority vote of the members present.

Art. 29 Ordinary meeting is considered valid if 50% + 1 of all members of the Council are present.

Art. 30 Extraordinary meetings are called at the request of the Rector of the University, the President of the Student Council or one third of the members of the Student Council.

Art. 31 The meetings are formally recorded by the Secretary.

Art. 32 The meetings of the Council may be attended, if necessary, by the persons who are not members of the Council, invited by the decision of the Council.

V. Final Provisions

Art. 33 The administration of the University will support the Council and ensure the conditions for its activity.

This Statute shall enter into force upon its adoption by the Student Council and the following countersign by the University administration.


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