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Common projects of University:

Sochi State University

Mobility and practical training Sochi, Russian Federation

Common study and research activities

University KROK, Kiev, Ukraine

Academic mobility

Mobility programs for undergraduate and master program students.

Guest semesters

Management Center Innsbruk, Austria

Academic mobility 

Mobility programs for undergraduate and master program students. Guest semesters. Joint Master program.

Technological Education Institute, Serres, Greece

Student’s mobility and internship

Students summer internship in Greece

Vilnius University International Business School, Lithuania

International project. Academic mobility


Art and Design University, Cluj- Napoca, Romania

Academic mobility

Common educational and Research activities

Classic Private University, Zaporojie, Ukraine

Academic mobility

Common educational and Research activities

Tourismuscolleg Innsbruck, Austria

Academic mobility in Tourism

Business Language Training Center

English course

Combining unparalleled experience and capabilities across all industries, Business Language Training Center creates professional bridges through development of the linguistics competence of the organizations and their employees.


You study to:
Find a job.
For advanced training received earlier.
Improve the performance of your company (company, patent).
Increase your knowledge in the chosen specialty.
To fulfill the desire of parents.
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