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General information
Moldova lies in the southeastern part of the European continent. The country occupies the area of 33,76 thousand square kilometers and borders on Romania in the west and Ukraine in the east. Maximal distance from east to vest in Moldova is 150 km, maximal distance from south to north is 350 km. The largest river is Nistru.

Time zone - GMT +02.00
Population - 4 320 000 people
Capital – Chisinau, 800 000 inhabitants
Form of government - parliamentary republic
Official language - Moldavian. As a mean of international communication, Russian is used widely. Employees of service and entertainment industry (hotels, restaurants, casinos, clubs) in large cities of Moldova master English, as well.
The foreign languages most frequently spoken in the country are English, French and German.


Climate of Moldova is temperate continental. Temperature span of January is –3C to –9C; that of July is +19C to +30C. Precipitation is 400-560 mm/year, mainly in spring and autumn. The best time for a visit is September and October. The period from May to August is quite pleasant, either, but autumn is the harvest time, so, in addition to fine weather, you can enjoy the natural abundance of Moldova.


Visa regulations
Visa is necessary for all the foreign visitors except the citizens of CIS (but Turkmenia), Cuba, Northern Korea, Mongolia, Romania and Vietnam.

Requirements For Foreign Citizens To Enter Moldova

·      Passport must be valid 3 months beyond intended stay

·      Tickets and Documents for return or onward travel

·      Visa is required

·      Vaccination - none required

Requirements for foreign citizens to obtain visa to Moldova

1.   Valid signed passport

2.   Application form, fully completed and signed

3.   Passport-type photograph

Note: For non - USA citizens, the following documents are also required:

  •  For Tourists: Copy of hotel confirmation or letter of confirmation from tour operator
  •  For Business: Letter of invitation from Company or Organization in Moldova
  •  For Private Visit: Your friend or relative in Moldova should obtain an official invitation from the local visa office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Citizens of European countries, USA and Canada do not need the invitation unless their sojourn in Moldova exceeds 6 month. Foreign citizens can obtain visa in diplomatic mission of Moldova in their country, or receive it at the entrance in the republic.

Price of a visa depends on the purpose of the visit (business, tourism, transit) and its duration. In the holidays time (e.g. Wine fest in October) visa regulations may be tempered.

All the foreign citizens arriving in Moldova should be registered in police within 3 days after the arrival.

Import of foreign currency is not limited. Export is permitted within the limits of imported amount. National currency may be imported and exported without any restrictions. Though, sums exceeding 5 000 USD limit are subject to compulsory declaring.

Monetary unit of Moldova is Moldavian leu (plural - lei). 1 leu equals to 100 bans. There are banknotes of 1000, 500, 200, 100, 50, 20, 10, 5 and 1 leu. Coins in circulation are 50, 25, 10, 5 and 1 ban.
Exchange value of Moldavian lei against the US dollar is about 12-13 lei for a dollar and 16 lei for an euro.
American dollars and euro are in use too; you can pay with it, for example, in a restaurant or a taxi.
All the malls, supermarkets and shops accept the national currency only. However, most of them accept "Visa" and "Europay/Mastercard". As a rule, there are currency exchange offices and ATMs in large trade centers.

Within Chisinau, transportation is performed by urban public transport: buses, trolley buses, jitneys or taxis. Fare in public transport makes up to 2 lei (for going in a jitney).

For more information vizit Republic of Moldova oficial site


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