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Lifelong Learning Department


Lifelong Learning Department is operating under the laws in force and Regulation.


Lifelong learning is the complete process providing development of creative potential of the person and all-round enrichment of its inner world. It consists of consistently towering steps of specially organized studies giving to the person possibility of change favorable for his social status.

As a main objective of lifelong learning is considered the enrichment of creative potential of the person.

The department sets as the purpose realization of the concept of lifelong learning: professional support of career. It is based on a modular principle according to which separate courses create complete representation about certain subject domains that allows to form the curriculum from among independent courses-modules meeting individual or group requirements.

Basic principle of our program of lifelong learning is its advancing character. You can predict necessity for your future professional qualification and in advance receive that knowledge which will be necessary for you in the foreseeable future.


MA. Natalie Domcovici, Head of Lifelong Learning Department


You study to:
Find a job.
For advanced training received earlier.
Improve the performance of your company (company, patent).
Increase your knowledge in the chosen specialty.
To fulfill the desire of parents.
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