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International Scientific Conference 2015

Ministry of Education of Republic of Moldova

University „PERSPECTIVA-INT”, Moldova

European Movement Moldova

Association for European Training and Information

International Scientific Conference



13-14 mai  2015

IIIrd Edition


     In the framework of the European Year for Development 2015, University „Perspectiva-INT”, in partnership with the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova, University KROK (Ukraine), Mzkolas Romeris University (Lithuania) and the Association for European Education, served organizer and host for the Third Edition of the International Scientific Conference „Development of Market Economy, Democratic Society and Higher Education in the European Context”.


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      The purpose of the Conference, held on 13-14 May 2015, was to facilitate communication, exchange of information and opinions between scientists, professors, students and PhD students from Moldova and abroad, in the context of the major transformations in the region that require all of our attention.


     The discourses and discussions of the Conference reflected on a number of urgent topics, which deserve to be further researched, such as:

From the political field:

-          relations of the Republic of Moldova with the European Union,

-          regional security,

-          sustainable development for the Republic of Moldova


From the economics field:

-          investment climate in the Republic of Moldova,

-          role and implications of a system of accounts


From the field of education, culture and civilization:

-          personal qualities and emotions of students and professors as a factor in the educational process,

-          importance of preschool education,

-          modern means of manipulation


       Overall, the rezultant discussions have been very productive, leading to the idea that such meetings ought to be organized more often in order to facilitate synergy and to contribute, thus, to improvement of the current situation that concerns us all.  


      The Conference was attended by representatives of a number of institutions of higher and professional education from the Republic of Moldova, as well as from Ukraine; for the first time in the history of the Conference there was held a „videomost” between University „Perspectiva-INT”, Chisinau, and University KROK, Kiev.





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