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Methodological seminar for academics, entitled "Higher Education Pedagogy and Psychology"

    On December 12 to 13 at the University Perspectiva-INT there was a methodological seminar for academics, entitled "Higher Education Pedagogy and Psychology". Trainers were Mrs. Cojocaru-Borozan Maia, Habilitated Doctor of Pedagogy, Professor and Mrs. Larisa Sadovei Doctor of Pedagogy, Associate Professor.

The working agenda of the seminar focused on counseling in the matters as:

  1. Initiation in Higher Education Pedagogy (contemporary university functions);
  2. Higher education issues (difficulties for new teachers and methodological solutions, rules on the filling of vacant positions in the institutions of higher education);
  3. Psychology of higher education (academic"s personality, modern academics" roles, referential and typology of academics, academics" and students emotional culture);
  4. Research in the university (Higher Education Policy);
  5. Teaching activity in higher education (university curriculum concept);
  6. Curriculum construction and development in higher education (curricular tracks,  curricular requirements and the correlations between the components of the curriculum, conceptual and methodological clarification of educational objectives, the correlation with the skills objectives, criteria for selection of content, basic actions of the educational process, conditions for efficient design of university teaching, forms of organization of university teaching, grading criteria and typology of the university courses, university didactic lecture in the context of the objectives and characteristics of different types of seminars, studies  motivation of students, technology academics, management of individual student study, evaluation criteria for university teaching).


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