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Account of the Student Council of the „Perspectiva-INT”University from Chisinau for the period of the 2012-2013 academic year


of the Student Council

of the Perspectiva-INTUniversity from Chisinau

for the period of the 2012-2013 academic year


The Student Council of the „Perspectiva-INT”University from Chisinau begins the activity for the period of the 2012-2013 academic year under leadership of a new president , Balaur Violeta.

First,the President of the Student Council achieves informative meetings with the first-year  full-time and extra-mural students.At their recruitment were presented 17 demands:

  1. Braga Virginia-BA, second year
  2. Zamsa Dumitru-Law,second year
  3. Bejan Daniel- Law,second year
  4. Costin Sergiu- Law,second year
  5. Mitu Ivan- Law,second year
  6. Danila Svetlana- Law,second year
  7. Hincu Ilii- BA, second year
  8. Mutruc Roman- BA, second year
  9. Isac Gabriela-IR,first year
  10. Golubova Marina- BA, first year
  11. Birca Iulia- Law,first year
  12. Loba Ilie- Law,first  year
  13. Cecan Constanta-ID,first year
  14. Raduc Stefan-Book-keeping,first year
  15. Balica Viorica-BA,first year
  16. Josan Irina- Law,first year
  17. Hajder Alexandru-Law,second year

The term of attempt (a month) in the Student Council wasn’t uphold by Mitu Ivan, Danila Svetlana,Josan Irina,Raduc Stefan,Balica Viorica.Thus,were approved 12 demands.

Meanwhile the learners were informed about the Statute of the Student Council, the Code of Student Conduct.

In the first half-year were achieved the next tasks:

  • The informative activities-„International Peace Day”, „European Cooperation Day”
  • The recruitment of new members to the Student Council
  • Ø The program„Business Intelligence”
  • Ø The festivity„ Teacher’s Day”
  • Ø The holiday „Jurist’s Day”
  • The round-table discussion dedicated to Civil Justice Day-Juridical Clinic, „Practical training and the accessible juridical services”
  • Ø 17 November 2012-„The Freshman’s Ball” and „The Student’s Day”
  • The round-table discussion „Human Rights”

Also, was initiated the training „You-govern the University”,organized by NCTHR, November,2012.Moreover the interactive games in the Student Council adapted members to corvee.

In the second half-year were filled the following tasks:

  • Ø „Dragobete”-holiday inherited from Dacians
  • Ø The company of amulets ,named : „You are special.An amulet only for you.”
  • Ø The International Day of Woman- 8 March
  • Ø The magazine „Perspectiva-Press”
  • Ø The Smiles’ Day
  • Ø The Statute of Student Council and the Code of Student Conduct were altered and completed with new articles,then translated in three languages(Romanian, Russian,English)
  • Ø The renovation of the Student Council informational panel
  • Ø The arrangement and modification of the cabinet of the Student Council
  • Ø The round-table discussion „The settlement of the political,economical situation of the RM”.Guests as a Presidents of SUA,Germany,Turkey,Italy, Great Britain,Russia members from the Student Council.
  • Ø The round-table discussion „The Students’ self-government”.Guests:NCTHR and the presidents of the Student Councils of universities from Chisinau.
  • Ø The contest „Europe Days”

Furthermore during activities the President of  the Student Council presented new informations as:

    The school „CID-NATO”,fourth edition

    Model Nato Youth Summit

    The Informative Note about the results of the winter session monitoring, 2012-2013

The members of the Student Council advanced proposals to Senate ,as:„bonus”-motivation for youth(05.03.2013),the opening the post of Radio and forming the budget for activities of the Student Council(02.04.2013).

At the meeting from 01.04.2013 decided through report the rustication following students from the Student Council: Hajder Alexandru(Law,second year),Braga Virginia (BA,second year),Golubova Marina(BA,first year) concordant art.10,11 of Statute of the Student Council of the „Perspectiva-INT”University.

In the second half-year were presented and approved two demands(Tcaci Aliona, Rahman Makfuzar).

Thereupon,on 18 April 2013,the members from the Student Council participated at the round-table discussion,organized by  NCTHR.

It initiated a sociological study ,named „The Students Perceptions about the phenomenon of corruption in the Institutes of Superior Education”.

Consequently,each term closed with the session monitoring by members of the Student Council.

Actually in the Student Council are the next learners:

  1. Balaur Violeta- the president of the SC
  2. Costin Sergiu- the vice-chairman of  the SC
  3. Zamsa Dumitru- the secretary general
  4. Hincu Ilii- the economic club
  5. Istrati Daniela- the touristic club
  6. Loba Ilie- the science department
  7. Mutruc Roman- the foreign relations department
  8. Bejan Daniel- the informational technologies department
  9. Birca Iulia
  10. Isac Gabriela
  11. Cecan Constanta
  12. Tcaci Aliona
  13. Rahman Makfuzur
  14. Nedelcev Diana
  15. Bagrin Veronica
  16. Colta Artur

The most active students of the Student Council during 2012-2013 academic year were:Balaur Violeta,Costin Sergiu,Bejan Daniel,Zamsa Dumitru,Cecan Constanta, Loba Ilie,Isac Gabriela ,Birca Iulia.

In the second half-year remained void the posts of vice-chairman and relations with the public and mass-media department.In the first half-year these functions were carry out by Braga Virginia.

Finnaly,the Student Council put forward a demand to the administration of the University: the time-table of first year to be arranged correlatively with the second year.Thus,will accomplish half-weekly the meetings.

We hope that this proposal will contribute efficacious to the attainments of the Student Council.



The President of the Student Council                                                 Balaur Violeta

                23 april 2013



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