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Information regarding the organization of the republican contest „Europe at Home”

The republican contest

„Europe at Home”

Is organized by the European Movement Moldova
 European Year of Voluntary Activity
 In line with the Europe @ School concept
According to the european integration strategic programmes of the Republic of Moldova


In partnership with :

Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova
Ministry of External Affairs and European Integration
Delegation of the European Union to Moldova
University „Perspectiva – INT”
Public and private education institutions
Non govermental organizations
Private companies
Charitable institutions

 with the support of all social actors interested in the subject


Purpose of the contest

     The purpose of the contest is to invite children and young people to think about the past, present and european future; about european values, place of Moldova in contemporary Europe and about their own contribution to the country and Europe prosperity.


Contest participants

Invited to the contest are:

Pupils from 1-4 grades (Painting contest)
Pupils from 5-10 grades(comunity school projects contest)
Pupils from 11-12 grades ( Essays contest)


From all High Schools from the Republic of Moldova (inclusively from the left bank of the Nistru river)

     Contest jury: The jury is formed by impartial persons with competence regarding the european integration subject and with pedagogical experience.


The results of the republican contest „Europe at Home”:


Till May 1, 2011 in competition entered:

 57 education institutions from the republic

413 participants for the painting contest

23 community school projects


The map of the competition on and


Paticipants’ awards:

    All schools participants in the contest will be provided with materials about the EU – Delegation of the Union Delegation to Moldova.

    Participants in the paintings contest of category 1 (grades I-IV) will be awarded with creation sets –Chisinau Poligraphic Typography, Free Europe – Moldova Foundation, RADOP company,.

    The teams with the best projects from the 2-d category (grades V-X) will be awarded the IT equipments and means for their schools – Orange Company, Moldo –Austrian Society.

    The winners of the essays contest of category 3 ( grades XI-XII) will benefit the free of charge study contract at the University „Perspectiva – INT”

    All participants and participant institutions in the contest will recieve diplomas of participation – Chisinau Poligraphic Typography


    The participants in the republican contest „Europe at Home” of category I and II will be awarded on May 13, 2011 at the University Perspectiva –INT,mun. Chisinau, str. Alba Iulia 75, at 10.00 o’clock.


    At the ceremony will be present representatives of the R M Government, EU Delegation to Moldova, partners and sponsors of the republican contest „Europe at Home”.

The winners of the essays contest will be awarded after May 28.


The contest is coordinated by the European Movement Moldova

Arina Kraijdan, Dr
Tel mob. 79405373, tel 746631


Contact Adress
European Mouvment from Moldova
2071 Republic of Moodva, Chişinau, Alba-Iulia str. 75, 3A,
University “Perspectiva-INT”; sau
tel: 58-92-50;74-66-31
European Mouvment from Moldova Coordinators:
Elena Mursa, Diana Batir, Tatiana Rudac

Ministry of Education of Moldova Coordonator:

Parlicov Eugenia tel. de contact 23 46 23
Coordinator of General Education Direction, Youth and Sport of the Chisinau
Dobzeu Maia tel. de contact 23 32-75


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