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      Attend the university in accordance with this policy.

      Be punctual and attend lectures without fail.

      Be active at lectures, seminars, etc..

      Be respectful to the teachers and students of the University.

      Provide a legal or a doctor’s certificate in case of absence from the lectures.

      Refrain from any offensive or disruptive behavior.

      Dress in accordance with the Code of Conduct.

      Refrain from plagiarism or cheating during exams and tests.

      Take good care of the property of the University.

      Refrain from bringing any weapons to the University (knives, sharp objects, etc.).

      Fulfill all the assignments and take all the exams in time to avoid any fails.

      Refrain from bringing alcohol or other illicit alcoholic beverages to the institution.

      Refrain from comments on nationality, race, religion or sexual orientation of the other students and university staff.

      Deter dangerous or corrupting students or staff behavior, such as sexual and physical assault or other violence, verbal abuse or threats, vandalism within the University, theft.


You study to:
Find a job.
For advanced training received earlier.
Improve the performance of your company (company, patent).
Increase your knowledge in the chosen specialty.
To fulfill the desire of parents.
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